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RUTLEDGE VINE CAPITAL (RVC) is a global Super Investor which provides early stage venture funding to Startup & Seed companies and Technovation research projects across the world.  To date, we have invested in technology companies in various stages of development and look to add to our portfolio by working with entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and a need for capital to move to the next stage. RVC is the investment division of the Rutledge Global Group.

RVC is driven by a high calibre team with many years spent in Senior Management positions in diverse sectors like IT, Mobile, Gaming, Digital Media, Hospitality & Real Estate, Consumer marketing, Oil & Gas and the Commodities space.

RVC operates in Asia through its investment arm known as GITPx Investments which it leverages to help its investees expand into Asia or strike valuable partnerships in Asia.
We invest in cutting-edge technovations that have a potential to be disruptive across the world. We like a ‘High Risk- High Return’ portfolio, managing it with diligence and due care and having lots of fun in the process. We believe in engaging directly with the Founders and people involved in running the business. Key factors we look for are Differentiation, Substance, Market, Traction and Value.

We believe in creating synergies between our Investees and the different technologies to help them grow through collective strength and knowledge beyond their individual potential. Collaborative partnerships with other Angels and Incubators in various countries for Co-investment and cross-pollination of ideas across technopreneurs, technology platforms and markets around the world are hallmarks of our investment and growth model.

We take a stake in the Investee companies, generally ranging from 10-25 % of equity participation, allowing the Founders/Entrepreneurs the freedom to run and drive the business. We do not interfere in the day to day management of the Investee but we are happy to provide valuable strategic support & advice including a network of contacts on a need basis. We also help our Investees in follow-on funding or connect them with other investors across the world. Each investment is special and personal to us.

We invest in people that create Ideas in Genesis, Ideas in Discovery, Ideas in Motion and Ideas in Traction.
Investment Philosophy: