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Entrepreneurs requesting funding support may at the first instance submit an Executive Summary to check our interest. If you already understand our Investment strategy and criteria, feel free to send us your detailed Investor Deck outlining the Technology / Idea, Business Plan, Market Potential and Opportunity, Commercialisation and Go-to-market strategies, funding requirement and funding use and any other relevant information supporting the investment need. We won’t sign an NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement, no Investor would at this stage and likewise we don’t require your secret ingredient.
first contact
If we proceed further with your submission, we will start our internal due diligence process wherein we will send you a detailed questionnaire for you to answer and provide detailed financial and strategic information as may be required. You must play an active role in facilitating this process; it will help to expedite a final investment decision.
due diligence
After successful completion of the due diligence process, we will work together on a term sheet that defines the structure of the investment deal, payment tranches, milestones, conditions if any, type of equity and Investor rights, board of directors representation and other industry standard terms and provisions.
term sheet
The deal now moves to the legal contracts stage and once completed and executed funds are transferred. But closing the deal is only the beginning of a valuable relationship. Now you have access to our network of value-added contacts and experienced professionals who can provide essential guidance for the growth and success of your venture.
Funding and Post-funding:
The Evaluation Process:
Our initial funding quantum would usually be between USD 200,000 and USD 500,000. Add-on funding can take the quantum beyond the USD 1 Million mark and above at later stages.
Funding Range:
The Evaluation Process  First Contact  Due Dilligence  Term She
We most welcome entrepreneurs to contact us.