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Evolero is a one-stop platform for conferences that harnesses the power of the social web. The system is a website that enables event registration, administration, participant management while simultaneously aggregating event-related content from all social media sites in one place  
Tracx is a NYC-based company with a SaaS platform for sophisticated brand marketers who want to do more than monitor and manage their social media presence. The platform is an end-to-end solution that allows marketers to sift through streams of social media data and drill down to provide geographic, demographic, and psychographic insights and to monitor performance against competitors while planning, monitoring, engaging, and measuring influencers all in one place.    
Tawkon encourages a healthy lifestyle for mobile device users by empowering you to take control of your exposure to radiation
Ethernity’s device is a dedicated, ultra low cost processor (FGPA) for networking solutions including per flow protocol interworking, switching, filtering and traffic management to facilitate broadband access and mobile platforms. Ethernity enables Telecom Equipment Managers (TEM) to receive customized solutions at the interface and functionality level and offer fast response to market needs, while maintaining differentiation.  
Carambola is an interactive video enrichment platform. With Carambola, users choose to get info, eCommerce offers, polls and trivia questions - all related to the specific video just played and by doing so it creates a new, super effective Ad space.
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Tok is designed to connect people who want to have conversations about news and current events and to offer those conversations in-context. Tok organizes discussions, polling and commenting on a unique platform that makes it easier to see topic overviews, who’s talking and what they’re feeling about the topic. Filtering options highlight your friends, the best threads and the most interesting comments.
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PlayChanger Media develops crowd-sourced content-based game apps for multiple platforms. It enables fans of many affinity verticals to interact with the content they love through a wide range of game experiences, and help shape the games that they and their friends most enjoy.
Nehora Photonics develops a low-cost, non-invasive and portable device for the continuous monitoring of Hematocrit. The product is a single device that combines pulse oximetry with a minimally sized sensor attached to the digit or other areas on the hand. The device is based on the company’s patented optics-based technology.
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Moebius Medical is developing an innovative technology for reducing joint damage and deterioration through the use of specialty designed liposomes as mechanical lubricants. Injected liposomes will serve as "biological ball-bearings" that will provide mechanical lubrication, ease cartilage surface gliding, prevent further cartilage wear & tear, and eliminate additional joint damage and deterioration.  
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Micropoint Technologies is a hi-tech product development company providing innovative solutions to medical industry, particularly for drug delivery and diagnostics applications. It is commercializing the micro-needle technology, which can be used in biomedical applications such as transdermal drug delivery, body fluid extraction and skin penetration detection.
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Getonic revolutionizes the online shopping experience by reversing the flow of commerce: instead of setting up an e-store and waiting for buyers to visit, browse and purchase, a viral-affiliate program enables buyers to actively distribute products to their own followers’ social feeds, each within its own portable, mini-storefront called POPshop.  
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Melon Sail envisions being the personal information hub for all your social networks and connections. Their first product, Melon Friends, is a mobile app designed for overseas Chinese to manage their social circles from both China and abroad in one place. It provides an easy-to-use integration to view social feeds from their connections on Facebook, Renren, Twitter and Weibo in one place.
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Croak.it allows users to discover, collect and convey thoughts and expressions on-the-go over voice in 30-seconds ‘croaks’ with a single click. For businesses, the ‘Talk Button’ is a simple tool that allows interaction with customers right on their websites. Use cases include one-click customer care hotlines, voice reviews, interactive consumer surveys, discussion boards, project collaboration platforms etc.  
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Eon Surgical has developed the InterTip™ platform: a complete solution for performing scar-less Laparoscopic surgery in simple and intuitive methods, similar to those carried out in standard Laparoscopy.
Eon Surgical was acquired by Teleflex Inc. (NYSE: TFX) in 2013.
Novolap Medical has developed an articulated laparoscopic fixation device for the treatment of ventral hernia. The technology is in the fixation method of the tacks that hold the mesh in place for the laparoscopic hernia surgery. With their method, the surgeon does not have to move to the other side of the operating table and there is one less incision to make. It also enables one-handed tacking.
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High Check Control develops automatic real time systems for water quality monitoring and control, detecting contaminants and chemicals in water and wastewater.  
TriDiNetworks has developed an innovative cloud-based platform for wireless machine-to-machine networks in smart buildings. The platform enables unprecedented low total cost of ownership and quick ROI based on patented algorithms, methods, tools and products. It is application for lighting, HVAC control, access and security control, smart meters, appliances and grids. The system delivers a cloud-based software service with focus on energy efficient LED Lighting Control. 
NextGen engages in the greenfield development of zero carbon waste to energy projects and biomass power projects linked to energy crop plantations. It is developing a zero carbon waste-to-electricity/bio-diesel project in Singapore which will be the first project of its kind in that market.
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